Boiler Tuning

Optimizing Boiler Performance

One integral component of efficient facility maintenance is boiler tuning servicing.  Proper performance of a boiler and associated emissions control equipment is crucial to a unit meeting the ever-decreasing emissions output standards or Boiler MACT tune-up requirements.

Honiron Fired Equipment has vast knowledge and experience optimizing all areas of boiler performance. We utilize the latest in inspection and diagnostic equipment to efficiently evaluate your boiler and emissions equipment and recommend changes, as needed, for improved performance. All work is fully documented and updated to ensure accurate records for future use and follow-up visits.

We take the burden out of facility maintenance to ensure your facilities are running optimally.

Our Boiler Tuning Services Include:

  • Adjusting airflow
  • Reducing stack temperatures
  • Measuring efficiency of combustion
  • Adjusting gas and burner input for safety and efficiency (whether draft control is manual or motorized)
  • Inspecting and cleaning nozzles
  • Cleaning combustion chamber/fire side exchanger
  • Checking ventilation, intake, and safety controls
  • And more
  • Boiler & Heater Services

    PROVIDING COMPLETE BOILER AND HEATER SERVICES Today, boilers and fired equipment are an integral part of the industrial process. Expensive and highly specialized, commercial equipment must be correctly specified, maintained,...

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  • Tube Bending

    High Quality Workmanship and Advanced Tube Bending Equipment Honiron Fired Equipment offers the full spectrum in boiler tube bending fabrication.  From our state-of-the-art manufacturing centers in Louisiana, we are committed...

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  • Component Fabrication

    Customized Component Fabrication for all Sizes and Specifications Honiron Fired Equipment  provides on-site component fabrication for your boiler and heater projects.  With over 150 years of fabrication experience, our professionals...

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  • Boiler Replacement Parts & Repairs

    OEM Boiler Replacement Parts & Burner Parts The replacement parts and repair department at Honiron Fired Equipment is committed to providing you with competitive pricing and availability. We understand that...

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  • 24/7 Emergency Boiler Repair

    EMERGENCY BOILER REPAIR SPECIALISTS Honiron Fired Equipment provides 24/7 emergency boiler repair services to keep your critical operation running with minimal downtime.  With experience in a wide range of industries,...

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