Vertical 3-phase Separator with Gas Fired Heater

CLIENT: Helis Oil
LOCATION: North America

Honiron Manufacturing performed project and construction management, complete material and I&E procurement necessary based on Helis Oil & Gas Company specifications and standards. All material preparation from plate cutting and rolling to full I&E installation and coating was completed in-house, producing a turn-key finished product ready for field implementation.All design and fabrication exceeded client expectation and met astringent guidelines of ASME, AWS and ABS. The vertical three-phase separation unit with gas fired heater was modularly designed to be mobile for offshore applications at various locations.

Fabrication Specialist in Vertical 3-Phase Separation Units with Gas Fired Heaters

Project Scope:

  • Material preparation
  • I&E procurement
  • Project and construction management
  • Quality assurance

Project Overview:

  • ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1
  • MAWP: 85 PSI @ 300 Deg. F.
  • MAEWP: 15 PSI @ 300 Deg. F.
  • MDMT: -20 Deg. F. @ 85 PSI