Get Complete Custom Pipe Fabrication Solutions

At Honiron Manufacturing, pipe fabrication utilizes cutting edge equipment that works in sync to produce high quality welds in minimal time all while cutting cost to the customer. This is made possible by using several machine welding processes, including submerged-arc and flux core. Our state of the art fabrication facility uses the newest technology and equipment for fabricating piping systems.

We fabricate all pipe in our controlled shop setting to meet fast-track schedules and on-time delivery rates. Along with our welder’s certifications, versatility, and knowledge, we offer products and services you can depend on and a cost-effective partnership that will help your business succeed.

At Honiron Manufacturing, our pipe fabrication team is committed to providing high-quality piping configurations for projects of all sizes while continuously adhering to our high safety standards.

  • Custom Fabrication

    Honiron Manufacturing Provides the Best Custom Metal Fabrication Services Available. Honiron Manufacturing offers contract fabrication services for small, large, and heavy components serving a variety of industries. Our state-of-the-art 79,000...

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