Honiron Manufacturing is committed to continuous improvement of safety, fabrication, inspection, and testing practices.

At Honiron Manufacturing, the quality of our craftsmanship is put to the test every day in some of the toughest industrial environments in the world. Along with our quality inspections process and testing services, we constantly strive to develop safer and more efficient manufacturing and inspections procedures to exceed customer expectations. Our distinctive commitment to quality is reinforced by our many certifications for process equipment, metal components, and custom metal fabrications.



At Honiron Manufacturing, every fabrication project passes through a variety of inspections points, from initial material receiving inspection and welding inspections to final inspections. Receiving inspections are the first stop for any material that arrives in our shop. This inspections verifies that the material we receive is correct per the purchase order information. Final inspections is performed by a quality control inspector prior to shipment. The level of final inspections required is typically dictated by the customer or the actual manufacturing code specified. Honiron Manufacturing is committed to continuous improvement of safety, fabrication, and inspections practices.


Confirm Quality with Non-Destructive Testing

Customers can confirm product quality with our NDT capabilities. Honiron Manufacturing provides highly experienced and qualified personnel to undertake third party oversight in all NDT inspection areas. These inspections can play a vital role in defect detection and initial failure prevention as well as future preventive maintenance. Our full range of processes is qualified to ASME, AWS, or customer specifications, to assure our welding and fabrication creates components that you can rely on.


Non-destructive testing services (in house or by a qualified third party) include:

  • Alternating Current Field Measurement
  • Infrared Inspections
  • Positive Material Identification PMI
  • Pulsed Eddy Current
  • Shear Wave Testing
  • Short Range Wave Ultrasonic Testing
  • Video Crawlers and Borescopes
  • Fluorescent Dye Penetration Inspection
  • Liquid Dye Penetration Inspections (Visible Dye)
  • Radiographic Inspections (RT)
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Ultrasonic Inspections (UT)
  • Pneumatic Pressure Test Inspections
  • Air and Soap Leak Test
  • Hydro Pressure Test Inspection




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