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3 Design Considerations for Single Phase Process Piping

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Process piping plays a critical role in the operation of all process plants. Failure to design and fabricate¬†pipelines correctly can lead to significant production problems and higher costs due to increased pump workloads. In this short blog, we outline three design considerations for single phase pipes, carrying either gas or liquid. 1. ¬† Pressure Drop […]

Considerations for Designing Pig Receivers

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Pigging is a maintenance procedure used extensively in the oil and gas industry to clean and inspect pipelines carrying refined and unrefined products. The process is made possible by launchers and receivers. Receivers (or traps) are vessels installed on the pipeline that allow for unloading of pigs without interruption of flow. There are a number […]

Plasma Cutting: What it is and How it Works

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Plasma cutting (or plasma arc cutting) is a commonly used method for cutting through electrically conductive materials (i.e., metals). It emerged in the 1960s and became popular in the 1980s due to its benefits over metal-to-metal and oxy-fuel cutting. By comparison, plasma cutting produces more accurate cuts with cleaner edges and fewer metal chips. Plasma […]