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Boiler Refractory and Repair: 101

Refractories are heat resistant materials used to line boilers, furnaces and other processing equipment. They play a critical role in reducing heat loss in boilers and maximizing efficiency. The Role of Refractories in Boiler Performance Refractory materials are used to line boiler combustion chambers. High-grade refractories ensure minimal heat loss during the combustion process, thereby Keep reading…

5 Signs That Your Boiler Needs Servicing

Industrial boilers account for a large portion of monthly energy bills. By being attentive to boiler maintenance needs, operators can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and prolong the life of their equipment. Listed below are five signs that may indicate your boiler needs to be serviced. Water Leaks – Boiler leaks are usually evident by an Keep reading…

Oil and Gas Storage Tank Applications and Design Features

Storage tanks are used throughout the oil and gas industry for the bulk containment of fluids at different stages of the refinery process. Most often, products are stored for a short time before being transported for further processing. The American Petroleum Institute’s API 650 standard outlines minimum requirements for the design, fabrication, erection, and inspection Keep reading…

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Industrial Boiler

Boiler selection plays an important role in maximizing the overall efficiency of an industrial facility. When choosing an industrial boiler, its important to consider the specific requirements of the application it will be used in, as these requirements will dictate 1) the type/design of boiler that is appropriate, 2) the fuel/heat source that should be Keep reading…




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