Choosing the Right Dryer for Your Sugar Processing Operation

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Jan | 3 | 2017

Industrial dryer play an important role in sugar processing operations. When faced with the decision of what type of drying system to employ, facility operators generally have two options to choose from: rotary or fluid bed. Here are some of the most notable pros and cons associated with each type of system.


Feedstock Quality

One of the biggest benefits of rotary bed dryer is that they have the ability to accept particles of different sizes, wetness, and mass. As a result, they are ideal for use in applications where there’s a great deal of variance in the quality of raw feedstock. Fluid bed dryers, on the other hand, typically require a higher level of uniformity in feedstock composition in order to be effective – making them more sensitive to changing and/or inconsistent process conditions.



While both types of drying systems require some degree of maintenance in order to remain operable, rotary dryer generally have more extensive requirements because they consist of a higher number of moving parts. This is in contrast to fluid bed systems, which are made up of fewer mechanical components and work by moving hot air through a fluidized particle stream perpendicular to its direction of travel.


Power Usage

Fluidizing solid materials requires energy, and because of this, fluid bed dryers typically consume more power. This is especially true in the case of feedstock with large and/or heavy particles. Generally speaking, rotary dryers are more energy efficient, making them better suited for high-capacity processing applications.


The Bottom Line

The choice of which type of drying system to use in a sugar processing operation will ultimately be dictated by the goals of the operator and the unique requirements the facility itself. In every case, buyers should collaborate closely with their equipment supplier and installer to ensure that individual needs with regards to maintenance, energy consumption, and reliability are properly addressed.


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